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“The Floater wetsuit gave me a sense of independence, strength, security, and freedom.”

— Donna Mudge, Santa Barbara Restaurateur

Do you want to swim with the confidence of a seasoned swimmer?
Or enjoy any water activity with the security of knowing you will stay above the water?


The Airtime Watertime® Floater™ is a new kind of flotation wetsuit that gives you the security and confidence to swim safely and freely, whether you’re new to the water, an old pro, a para-swimmer or a swimmer with disabilities.

Airtime Watertime® introduces a flotation suit

with a little extra
float … confidence … support.

The perfect floatation wetsuit with total comfort for the youngest to the oldest water enthusiast:

  • Gives you total freedom of movement.

  • Helps you swim faster.

  • Allows you to swim farther.

  • Simply rest and/or float easily upon the water.

Floater -- the perfect wetsuit solution for

Water sports:

snorkeling in an exotic ocean paradise without harming reefs…surfing with added padding and float…standup paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, or windsurfing


in the pool or ocean by people with disabilities, adaptive athletes, or para-athletes...learning to swim as an adult or child...peace of mind for parents when children swim in the pool


check the bottom of your boat on an ocean voyage...wear for added fun and support


prepare for a marathon, Ironman, or triathlete competition...para-athletic event or para-sport 


use the float suit as an aid for rehabilitation and recovery, aqua therapy, or water therapy


The possibilities are endless.

  It's all about freedom.  The wetsuit of the future. 

No More Panic Attacks in the Water or
Learn How to Swim in 7 seconds

  U Can't Sink This Wetsuit   
Flotation Wetsuit Helps those with Disabilities Swim, Tread, Float with Confidence

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