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Legacy Reef Foundation Endorses Floater Wetsuit as a Certified Reef Smart Product

Updated: Apr 8

Turtle swimming over a coral reef

The Legacy Reef Foundation has endorsed Airtime Watertime’s Floater Wetsuit as a Certified Reef Smart product.

Legacy Reef Foundation co-founder Bill Coney explained: “Reef Smart is a certification program for coral reef tested safe products, manufacturers, and services. The foundation will certify a product, manufacturer or service that is tested by our scientists and found to be appropriate to use around reefs.”

According to the Legacy Reef mission statement, the Legacy Reef Foundation to create healthy reefs throughout the world; ensuring that coastal residents have a sustainable food source for generations to come.

“The majority of stressors on reefs are man-made,” said Coney. So the foundation researches products and services to determine if they can be safely used around reefs.

Man damaging coral reef by standing on it

The Airtime Watertime Floater was determined to be “very reef smart,” according to the Foundation, due to the extra floatation that allows a swimmer to lie prone on the surface of the water. This wetsuit will not only protect our reefs by keeping swimmers horizontal and off the reefs but it reduces the need for reef-damaging sunscreen.

Airtime Watertime founder, Mark Okrusko said, “We’re proud to receive the certification from Legacy Reef Foundation. Airtime Watertime created the Floater wetsuit and patented floatation panel to help all swimmers float effortlessly on top of the water. That extra flotation also helps our company pursue the eco-mission of preventing harm to coral reefs.”

About The Legacy Reef Foundation

Through partnerships with seaside communities, Legacy Reef Foundation exists to create healthy reefs throughout the world; ensuring that coastal residents have a sustainable food source for generations to come. Based on the Big Island of Hawaii, Legacy Reef Foundation operates a coral restoration lab and builds portable containerized coral nurseries that are shipped around the world to areas of need to rebuild reefs and return food security to coastal and island nations.

About Airtime Watertime

Airtime Watertime®, based in Santa Barbara, is an innovative sports apparel company that has developed a one-of-a-kind personal floatation wetsuit combining buoyancy, flexibility and protection: producing a water experience like no other. The secret to the Floater® success is our unique patented design creating incredible confidence and freedom in aquatic activities in pools, lakes and oceans.

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