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Boy With Cerebral Palsy Swims Safely on His Own Thanks to Floater Wetsuit

Updated: Apr 8

In some ways, Emmett is your average six-year-old boy. He likes to play and laughs a lot. Emmett also has cerebral palsy (CP).

Like many people living with CP, Emmett’s motor control and muscle strength are affected. Simple activities like running and walking become more difficult. And water-based activities like swimming become more challenging.

But when Emmett wears the Airtime Floater wetsuit, he can be just like one of the kids again. He can swim in the water, have fun, and be independent.

The Floater also helps with Emmett’s physical therapy. When he does aquatic therapy (seen in the video above with Vince Newman), the Floater can support his body so he can safely do more exercises that help build his muscles.

This floatation wetsuit has been helping all kinds of people from coast to coast and around the world to swim more freely.

If you wish to learn more about how the Floater can help you swim safely and securely, contact Airtime Watertime today.

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