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The Floater by Airtime Watertime Now Available

Welcome to the Airtime Watertime Floater, a groundbreaking new wetsuit of the future that combines world-class design with the flotation support of built-in, high-quality foam.

Whether snorkeling in an ocean paradise, floating down a lazy river, or using the wetsuit as a swim aid for rehabilitation and recovery, the Floater provides the comfort and confidence that you will stay afloat.

"What started out as a swim aid with added buoyancy to help navigate large waves while surfing has morphed into a suit that can be worn by anyone in any type of conditions,” said founder and owner Mark Okrusko. “Now, whether you are on a paddle-board, jet-ski, or boat cruise, this is the perfect suit for your journey.”

The futuristic Airtime Watertime® Floater™ wetsuit design features flatlock-stitched seams, an extra-long zipper for easy entry and exit, and a patented panel of high-quality foam in the chest area for support and flotation. Currently suits range from a 3 mm spring suit (for tropical applications) all the way up to a 7 mm full suit (for 32+ degree water).

Owing to its patented flotation support, the Floater wetsuit allows wearers to swim faster and farther with less effort, providing greater freedom of movement, and is perfect for water therapy, water rescue, or any water recreation. Because the suit is buoyant like a personal flotation device, it also provides peace of mind to both parents and children in the water.

Airtime Watertime is currently working with a select group of lifeguards and Search and Rescue teams on both coasts to develop the next generation of rescue apparel. Research and development teams are testing the Floater suits using jet-skis and jumping out of helicopters to simulate rescue operations. The company is also currently developing communication systems that easily attach to the suit.

“We’re so excited with the Airtime Watertime Floater product and I can’t wait for everyone to try it,” says Chipper Bell, CEO. “As we launch our Kickstarter campaign, we’re looking for the opportunity to help swimmers and environmental problems worldwide. Whether assisting aquatic programs for special needs swimmers, saving the reefs from human impact, or just making the swim experience that much more enjoyable, we believe that the Airtime Watertime Floater is right for everyone.”

Donate to the Kickstarter campaign today and order a suit while supplies last,

About Airtime Watertime

Airtime Watertime®, based in Santa Barbara, is a sports apparel company focused on innovative solutions to improve the lives of water enthusiasts and help protect water environments for generations to come. Airtime Watertime is best known for the Floater™, a one-of-kind wetsuit that combines the buoyancy of a personal flotation device with the flexibility and protection of a wetsuit, producing a water experience like no other.

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