Airtime Watertime would like to thank all our artists who participated in the 2017 Airtime Watertime Floater Design Contest for their inspiring and creative designs.


We especially appreciate your amazing patience while we took your incredible designs and made them into wetsuits.


Airtime Watertime is proud to present the incredible winning Floater designers and their wetsuits.

Winning Designs

Santa Barbara, CA

Interests: Adelina loves drawing, writing fictional stories, and online gaming, like Animal Jam, Minecraft, and Roblo

Favorite water activity: Loves to float and plans to float down the Lazy River at Lake Casitas.


Goals: To be an animator. She enjoys drawing and wants to see her characters move like living, breathing, people.

Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam

Interests: Linh loves talking to the people, playing with friends, listening to the stories, learning English and drawing.

Goals: She wants to become an artist in the future, to draw about people and things she loves, and to design beautiful dresses for girls.


Santa Barbara, CA

Interests: Jenna spends the majority of her free time playing soccer. Her club soccer team won the Cal South State Championship. She also enjoys art and is often drawing or painting and her artwork is displayed all over her house.

Favorite water activity: She loves swimming in the ocean and spends at every summer in a local surf camp. Her favorite swimming experience though was snorkeling with dolphins in Hawaii.

Goals: She would like to pursue architecture and interior design while being a professional soccer player.


Santa Barbara, CA

Interests:  Sadie's favorite sport is soccer, but she also plays the piano and has been playing since she was 4. Her club soccer team just won the Cal South State Cup Championship. When she is not playing soccer, she can be found playing with her cats Smudge and Gracie.

Favorite water activity: She enjoys snorkeling and her fondest memory is snorkeling with dolphins in Hawaii. She also does a surf camp every year.

Goals: She would like to be a dermatologist helping people with their skin.

Manila, Phillippines

Interests: Worth started drawing when he was 2 years old. He also enjoys painting, sketching, baseball, badminton, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and playing Pictionary.

Favorite Water Activity: Swimming.

Goals: To be an architect like his mother.

Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam

Interests: Hoàng’s favorite sport is soccer and he loves playing League of Legends.

Favorite water activity: Swimming.

Goals: To be a chef

Yuma, Arizona

Interests: Sophie loves to draw, swim, and read. She also plays piano.

Favorite water activity: Swimming.

Goals: To be a geologist. She wants to travel the world with her sister (a future photographer), and study the rocks while her sister takes pictures of them.

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