Build Confidence  ~ Feel Secure ~ Swim with Total Freedom 

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“The Floater wetsuit gave me a sense of independence, strength, security, and freedom.”

— Donna Mudge, Santa Barbara Restaurateur

Do you want to swim with the confidence of a seasoned swimmer?
Or enjoy any water activity with the security of knowing you will stay above the water?


The Airtime Watertime® Floater™ is a new kind of floatation wetsuit that gives you the security and confidence to swim safely and freely, whether you’re new to the water or an old pro.

Airtime Watertime® introduces a floatation suit with a little extra
extra float … extra confidence … extra support.

The perfect suit with total comfort for the youngest to the oldest water enthusiast:

  • Gives you total freedom of movement.

  • Helps you swim faster.

  • Allows you to swim farther.

  • Simply rest and/or float easily upon the water.

Floatation -- the perfect solution

Whether snorkeling in an exotic ocean paradise… surfing with the added padding and float … exploring mountain lakes and rivers… playing in the pool, children and their parents have added security and confidence … standup paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, or windsurfing … lazily floating in a pool at a resort or on a cruise ship… checking the bottom of your boat on an ocean voyage… using the float suit as an aid for rehabilitation and recovery… or training for a marathon...


The possibilities are endless.

  It's all about freedom.  The wetsuit of the future. 

No More Panic Attacks in the Water or
Learn How to Swim in 7 seconds

  U Can't Sink This Wetsuit   
Flotation Wetsuit Helps those with Disabilities Swim, Tread, Float with Confidence

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